50 Days

I figured I would start off this blog with a milestone even though it’s a day late! Yesterday marked exactly 50 more days until I travel to Europe with one of my best friends Rachel, to Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic. We studied abroad in Rome together our junior year of college and ever since have been talking about going back. After numerous conversations and constantly sending each other travel quotes and articles over the last couple of months (this one really got to us), Rach called me one night after work and told me to “sit down, get on Expedia, we’re booking this.” I couldn’t argue with her; it was time to put our money where our mouth was. Literally.

Finances are a concern for both of us during this trip; between flights, places to stay, food, excursions while there, etc. we know prices are going to add up. We have been both trying to budget, but with each of us living in apartments paying rent and other expenses, it’s definitely been challenging.

Challenging, but worth it. There’s no time like the present to get up and go, and just make it work. I’m excited to blog while there on how to travel on a budget and how to find fun things to do without spending a ton of money.

One resource that has been very helpful to us throughout this booking and planning process is Airbnb. This site is amazing – it’s housing around the world where you can rent a person’s place and directly get in touch with them about the accommodations and any questions you have. There are reviews you can read from travelers who have stayed in the place before you too so you know exactly what you’re getting into. Rach and I used this site to book every single one of our stays; it was so easy and affordable. We’ve even been in close contact with some of the apartment owners that we’re renting and they’ve been so friendly and informative.

Looking forward to the rest of this planning process! Even though I don’t want summer to end, I feel like these next 50 days are going to fly by.

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