Taking Off


After unpacking, repacking, and unpacking my brown boots for the thousandth time I figured it was time for a luggage break; this frazzled shoe process has been repeating for almost an hour. Rachel and I are attempting a bold but necessary move in packing for our 11 day trek through Europe with just a shoulder bag and carry on – not only is this not as easy as it sounds (actually, does it even sound easy?) but the fact that I waited until mere hours before our flight to really “perfect” my packing technique is something I may never forgive myself for.

Clothing anxiety aside, fact is that it’s the day we leave and I could not be more excited. This adventure has been in the works a long time and I truly can’t believe it’s already here and waiting for us.

And whether these boots make it into the bag or not, I’m realizing that whatever is in my bag will be enough, because it has to be. My European wardrobe is a minuscule factor in the grand scheme of this trip. What I should probably be worrying about more is that our first Airbnb host has told us that the key to her apartment is hidden somewhere on her porch inside a lone ballet flat.

Excellent. Switzerland, we’re up for the challenge.




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