Swans Love Zurich

Only two days in and Rachel and I are already almost done our time in Zurich; I’m really upset over this, because this city is amazing. We’ve been taking advantage of just how walkable this city is and have seen so many interesting sights in such a short time. The apartment we’re staying in is so cute, right near a tram stop that gets into the center of the city in minutes and also next door to beautiful Lake Zurich. A fun fact I’ve picked up on while here: this lake/entire city is run by swans. Not sure how they’re all here, or why, but I’ve never seen so many swans in my entire life.

Anyway, a little recap: on Thursday morning after running on one hour of sleep and carrying our bags up 500 stairs we arrived at the Airbnb apartment and met the owner. She was so incredibly nice, even dealing with our jet-lagged selves to help us navigate a map of Zurich that she lent us.

The people in Switzerland are all so cool and casual. We’ve even met a few Americans – there was a girl around our age on our flight who was from the states but has family in Switzerland. We all went for drinks on the dock at Frauenbadi (picture below), an awesome bar right on the water with great local beers on tap. 10672192_10204420611174979_1592945265554260698_n

Today Rachel and I went to the Swiss National Museum and took a great free tour of Zurich that led us all around the city; after, we had dinner at Hotel Adler in the city center. The middle of Zurich is covered in cobblestones, which definitely amped up Italian nostalgia – it reminded Rach and me of Rome four years ago! I love Europe – I feel like everyone is so cultured and well-traveled, all so proud of where they came from and what cities and countries they’re planning on exploring next. I also love how easy public transit is around here – Rach and I picked up the ZurichCard this morning, an affordable card that allows you not only access to pretty much all trains, buses, trams, etc. (for 24 or 72 hours, depending on which card you buy) but also allows you free access to a couple museums and restaurants.

Tomorrow we have an early morning /full day of traveling into the mountains! Very excited. I can definitely see why the swans are obsessed with this place.



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