Raining Schnitzels

At the top of Mt. Rigi

Our trip through the Swiss mountains yesterday was amazing. Rach and I traveled outside Zurich to Mount Rigi to hike and explore. We took a cable car and an old fashioned railroad car to the top; the little town around the mountain was literally something out of Heidi. The entire time Rach and I were going back and forth talking about and questioning what the routines could be of the people who grew up and live here: do they like living in a tiny town? Does everyone know each other? Have they ever visited anywhere else, in Switzerland itself or the world? It’s so interesting, and necessary I think, to experience someone else’s everyday life even for only a day.

Early this morning after a low key wake-up at 4am Europe time, Rach and I landed in our second stop: Vienna! It rained on and off pretty much the entire day but we didn’t even care; somehow this city is even more beautiful in stormy weather. Hoods up and umbrellas out we walked the streets all day after getting situated in our Airbnb apartment in a neighborhood a little outside the city – the tram and metro system here are thankfully easy to navigate. Vienna reminds us of Rome in that every corner you turn, you see something extraordinary, whether it’s a monument, museum, park or church.

Tomorrow we’re seeing a concert at a palace, somehow; I still can barely comprehend that you can even do stuff like that here. I think it includes a dinner too, which I’m predicting will probably trump tonight’s meal. Apparently in select few restaurants, “schnitzel” is just another word for a chicken finger.

Whatever, we’ll take it – it’s a little taste of home.

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