Travel & Adventure in Philadelphia

Hello readers – if I even have any left after this casual 5 month gap in my blogging…..Whoops. 2015 has been a busy year so far for me, but definitely not complaining! I’ve been on a couple cool trips already to places I’ve never been, most notably Chicago, a city that was on my bucket list and am looking forward to summer and more travels/WARM WEATHER, finally.

But until my next trip, I have to take what I can get locally – and thankfully my city is making it easy for me. This past March, Philly hosted for the first time the Travel & Adventure Show in its Convention Center, a popular venue for events of this nature. This Travel & Adventure Show has been going on since 2004 , its mission to not only expose attendees to awesome places around the world to visit, but to also help people plan trips right there while at the expo if they want.


My friend first showed me this article in the Inquirer the week leading up to the expo and I’m so glad he did. I loved the event – it had numerous booths with travel agents from so many varying places, from local spots in Pennsylvania, to remote mountain villages in Alaska, to lively beach towns in Cuba, and so much more. As participants walked around and checked out booths and paraphernalia from each place, speakers around the room were presenting on  the benefits of traveling and their own eyeopening experiences on different trips. There even was a massive pool near the back of the expo where representatives from a Caribbean island called Bonaire were offering free scuba lessons – flippers, wetsuit and all (pictured in below collage, photo on the left). Best part is that people were actually in there, swimming.

Travel Expo

Can’t say I was ready to jump into a vat of water with strangers, but I did really enjoy the expo. It was such a fantastic way to get people passionate about travel in one room, and prompt conversations about travel experts’ experiences with different locations, what trips they liked best, where they would recommend people go, etc. I hope Philly hosts similar events in the near future and continues to fuel that wanderlust that so many have.


2 thoughts on “Travel & Adventure in Philadelphia

  1. Hey Anna! Good information! Was the event well-attended? Also, PHL. has, as you know, many interesting places to visit besides the obvious ones. Tours of the wall art sites (interesting stories about them), summer concerts in the river park (casual), Regattas on BH Row, Italian Market, Reading Terminal Market for eating and buying good food….lots of stories come from the vendors there when they have a free minute. oops, just me offering suggestions…oish. Love to read your blog..sooo proud! G


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