My Dad’s Favorite Movie is Point Break…


…and other reasons why he’s pretty cool. A little tribute to my dad I put together. Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day this past weekend!

1. Eat breakfast
2. Sweat a little every day
3. Learn to love learning

This was one of my dad’s first emails to me on my Loyola account freshman year. It was his advice for my college experience, just three simple daily tasks to stay healthy, stay active, and to not only go to class, but to really be present and grow as a student and a person.

My dad taught me, and continues to teach me every day, to be in the moment, be proud of who I am, to understand my value in the world and proactively work on what I can do to make it a better place.

My dad is my role model. He is a hard worker and truly cares about everyone he encounters – his family, friends, his clients and coworkers. I think I’ve heard him complain five times in my entire life. He does what needs to be done, with optimism and the calmest demeanor I’ve ever seen in another person.

So much of my relationship goals revolve around how I have seen my parents treat one another throughout my 25 years. They perfectly merge their best-friendship with a relationship and marriage.

They each do the sweetest everyday things for one another. Dad bringing flowers home on a random Tuesday, mom turning the car around so my dad can easily get out of the driveway in the morning. My dad doing the dishes after my mom cooks dinner, my mom taking the dog out in the evening so my dad can unwind after work and watch TV (aka 1. Wedding Crashers for the 500th time 2. one of the James Bond movies 3. Seinfeld).

My dad deals with my occasional scattered brain and forgetfulness like a saint. He’s never mad when I ask to borrow his contact solution whenever I come to their house for the night since I never remember to pack my own. He is unbelievably patient when I spend 20 minutes upstairs running around my old room looking for my apartment keys before I go back to the city, then realizing the whole time I’ve literally been holding them.

He gives the best advice. He knows just what to say when I tell him about my big dreams and “plans” for the future (sometimes not involving any kind of plan). My dad has never and would never hinder my goals, but he won’t just tell me what I want to hear either. He has a fantastic way of balancing being supportive and enthusiastic and also giving his honest perspective; at the end of the day, he will do whatever it takes to help me accomplish whatever it is I am looking to achieve.

I hope for this past Father’s Day we all hugged our dads a little bit tighter than we normally would, and thanked them for all they do for us every day.

– – –

And finally to my Dad, in the words of his idol Bodhi from the infamous surfer classic Point Break: “you are one radical son of a b****.” And I am so lucky to be able to call you my dad.


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