#TravelTuesday: Rainy Day Tea

#TravelTuesday: Rainy Day Tea

Everyone is so busy.

Living in a city, I’m used to seeing people rushing around. I’m often one of them.

We’re all on our phones, sometimes not even looking up to cross the street. We’re more concentrated on the text we’re about to send or the Instagram we’re about to like than our surroundings.

I feel like I’ve been going about my days lately on autopilot. On my phone too much, too plugged in, overstimulated and distracted.

I think some of it has to do with the upcoming holidays. I truly love the holidays, but they bring occasional stress. Busy last minute projects at work before we are off. Christmas shopping for family and friends, trying to find that perfect gift. And it just so happens my lease is up on my apartment at the end of this December. A big change – one that I can’t help but have on my mind.

My escape from my chaotic brain lately? Daydreaming, obviously. Specifically Ireland daydreaming.

Dublin was one of my favorite places I visited while studying abroad in college. My friends and I were relentless with activities while there: dying laughing as we hitched a ride on a horse and carriage home from the Guinness Storehouse, finding awesome free walking tours that led us all around the city, running around Trinity College’s campus (aka the school with the greenest grass ever – see photo below), surviving attending multiple pub crawls throughout Temple Bar… it was the most fun ever.


My friend Jackie and I stumbled upon a little coffee and tea place in town one of our days there. The group had separated for a bit, some shopping, others going on another tour – we chose to just walk around. We went inside the café and ordered the most delicious tea. It came in a personal kettle for each of us. I still remember mine was called Rainy Day Tea, and had lavender and honey in it.

We sat for hours and chatted, about the trip, Europe in general, how we could feel this experience changing us for the better. It was necessary to take a step back from constant movement and sit down, regroup.

I try to remember my rainy day tea afternoon when things get a little crazy in my life; I think it is so important to have some kind of memory or practice we put in place to keep our minds at ease and bring us back to some state of balance.

I hope during this holiday we can all slip away from the pandemonium that sometimes is daily life in whatever way we can, take some healthy alone time for ourselves, and relax. Or maybe we should all just move to Dublin.


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