Must Listen: “The Adventure of Curiosity”

Must Listen: “The Adventure of Curiosity”

I’m prepping for a big trip this coming summer.

On June 7th, one of my best friends/travel partner forever Rachel and I will be leaving for a world trip! First stop: DUBLIN, a city I have loved for a long time.

We are beyond excited to be making one of our biggest dreams come true. We both feel so thankful to have received such support and enthusiasm from our family, friends and colleagues. Despite how tough it is to leave everything familiar behind, we’ve known since studying abroad together in college that long-term travel is something we feel called to do.

Part of the research I’ve been doing for this trip has been listening to and taking notes on travel podcasts. Recently, I decided to search for podcasts on one of my role models Jedidiah Jenkins (who I’ve written about before). To me, Jenkins is the perfect intersection of traveling and writing, from his adventurous bike trip to Patagonia to his uplifting and eloquent Instagram posts.

Not only did I find an amazing podcast episode of Jenkins sharing travel advice,  I also was lucky enough to discover Branden Harvey.

The episode I found on Jenkins was on a podcast called Sounds Good With Branden Harvey, one I’d never heard of before. I did some research on the podcast itself and was immediately captivated and inspired. Harvey describes his dream in life as being a storyteller, specifically “telling stories filled with hope, joy justice, and love because I trust that those stories hold the power to change the world.” His podcast is one fueled by positivity and feel-good stories. The ease that Harvey has with his guests is so apparent and amazing as well.

While listening to the episode featuring Jenkins, I jotted down insights of his that really struck me. When Jenkins talks, everything is important. Everything is a lesson, said in the simplest way. Here are some of them:

  1. Write the book you want, and need, to read.
  2. Play along with the Universe. Instead of getting discouraged with challenges thrown at you, look at it differently, constructively. Okay, this obstacle is unexpected – how can I learn from this? What lesson is embedded in here? Look at life as, at its core, fun. As a curious person who is along for the crazy ride. Live intentionally, be open. Go with it.
  3. Jenkins starts his writing process first by reading a long article – often from The New Yorker. He leaves his phone in the car, goes somewhere with no WiFi, and gets 2-3 hours of pure writing done. No internet does wonders for no distractions.
  4. Once in a while, ask yourself: what do I really want? What are my real priorities? What keeps me inspired?
  5. Jenkins left a job that he loved because he felt called to do something different, something having to do with travel. And then to write about it. Writing books is something he feels he needs to do. He does not want to look back at 50 years old and wonder “why didn’t I just try that? Just because I was scared of being embarrassed?” Not a good excuse. Do it now. This type of thinking is what prompted him to, at 30 years old, ride his bicycle from Oregon to Patagonia for 16 months.
  6. One of my favorite takeaways: If possible, Jenkins wants to do something bold at the beginning of every decade of his life. As a “reset.”

This trip Rachel and I are taking has already led to so many fascinating conversations and discoveries about travel, writing, and life; I’m so happy to now count this podcast as one of those discoveries.

Harvey’s interview with Jenkins is called “The Adventure of Curiosity.” Listen here. Two other episodes I also love are Harvey’s interviews with Nashville designer Ruthie Lindsey and founder of nonprofit Krochet Kids International Kohl Crecelius.

Have some podcast recommendations? Comment below!

UPDATE: So excited that podcast host Branden Harvey read and shared this post! Thanks so much, Branden.



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