I’m about one hour from leaving for the airport to meet Rachel before our flight tonight to officially begin our WORLD TRIP! …..And I’m obviously still kindof packing. At this point I don’t think my last-minute nature will truly ever change.

Amidst all the chaos right now, I wanted to announce that our website we created to document our experiences while on this journey is finally LIVE at outlawsummer.com!

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 12.12.42 PM

Check it out, and follow along with our adventure! I’ll also be posting entries here and there on this site as well.

Thanks so much again to all friends and family for their support, help, advice and optimism during the planning process of this huge trip. We are so excited we can barely take it!

Now, back to questioning how security is possibly going to let me through with this massive backpack.


One thought on “OUTLAW SUMMER

  1. Hi Anna! Love that u are communicating already We have been thinking about you all morning and ate soooo excited for you. Have a super flight to London, Vaya con Dios, mi corazon!

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