Braving Those Long Travel Days

Braving Those Long Travel Days

Rach and and I have been saying this whole time we have loved the city centers we’ve stayed in through Dublin, Cork and Limerick, but we really want a taste of staying in “classic Ireland,” aka greenery and hills for miles. We got a coastal, oceanside feel for a couple days in Salthill, Galway which was amazing, but even that was still a city feel.

Spoiler alert: we have REALLY gotten what we wished for here in Donegal. We took a bus from Galway to Donegal city center, then transferred busses in the city center to get to our bed & breakfast in what’s called the Slieve League Peninsula. As our second bus of the day began to climb slightly vertically through fog, valleys, and very jagged slopes, I knew this was about to be the real Ireland deal. I think Rachel said it best when she was looking out her window, slowly turned to me and said “Oh my god. We’re…out here.”

Way out.

We got dropped off after about 30 minutes after our bus driver noted that the black car parked across the street where we stopped was waiting for us. Sounds SO sketchy, but turned out fine (don’t worry mom/Mrs. Sims!). It was our extremely nice bed & breakfast host of the Aras Ghleann Cholm Cille, where we are staying. To be honest, Rach and I were so ready to get our backpacks off and away from us at this point though that we almost didn’t care who was getting us or where we were going. Backpacker desperation.

On our way back our host picked up her two sons who were also incredibly sweet and friendly. They pointed out a couple notable sites for us, one of which was an awesome map of Ireland created out of rocks from each county, that just debuted this weekend. Her one son also told us about two of the town donkeys named Jack and Jill, owned by his old babysitter. Again, that rustic Ireland feel is very real right now.

After checking in and putting our things in our room, Rach and I made some dinner and chatted in the sitting room among the other guests. It’s been a long, complex travel day, but we know we’re bound to have days like that on this trip – it is all part of the experience.

Anyone who knows me though knows I’m an extreme germaphobe and after so many modes of transportation I felt gross. Taking a second to stretch tonight helped me decompress along with washing my face. Rach and I have had a solid bedtime routine going for these past 10ish days, unlike when we would sleep in our clothes, make-up still on, belongings everywhere when we were traveling around while studying abroad. Difference in age/time of life for sure.

Tomorrow is sadly a 100% chance of rain – thank you IRELAND – but nothing our rain jackets (they have become a second skin) and umbrellas can’t handle. Excited to see what tomorrow will bring!

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3 thoughts on “Braving Those Long Travel Days

  1. Sounds authentic to the enth degree! Great fun tho. Must be a challenge to pronounce all the gallic names! Miss u. Luv u. Gram


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