A True Mountaineer

Hi everyone! Once again, very sorry about my gap in updating this blog; waiting in airports are pretty much the only time I’m immobile these days and forced to sit for a while. Can’t complain about that! My friend Kathleen and I have been traveling through New Zealand and Australia for 2 months now! We left end of February, and are currently on the beautiful east coast of Australia. We headed here after roadtripping around Tasmania, home of the infamous Tasmanian Devil (a rodent I actually find slightly cute) and one of the most rugged places I’ve ever been.

We did a bunch of hiking in NZ back in March, and “Tassie” was no different. The most challenging one by far that we’ve done (in my opinion) was in Tasmania: summiting Cradle Mountain. And I have a quick little story I want to share about it…

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Seeking Novelty

I’ve been home from my 6 month backpacking trip now for almost two whole months, and as calming as it is being home, I miss being on the road.

When you’re traveling, you’re seeing something new every single day. Even seemingly normal activities – taking a walk, grabbing a coffee, going out to eat – are charged with newness and excitement.

Taking a walk in Rome turns into a museum tour, stumbling upon ancient monuments everywhere you turn.

Grabbing a coffee in Ireland is less for the caffeine intake and more for the warmth to escape June’s freezing temperatures, stripping your soaked-through rain jacket as you order.

Going out to eat in Thailand means holding your nose and popping a cooked centipede into your mouth from the night market, on a dare.

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One & Three

One & Three

I never thought I would get to participate in a discussion about life with Buddhist monks. But hey, Thailand’s bringing a boatload of surprises with it every single day. And I’m digging it.

The “monk chat” I attended was in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on the campus of Chiang Mai University. The monks who participated in the forum are a group who live on the grounds of Wat Suan Dok, a beautiful temple right next to the campus.

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Showing Up

Showing Up

For all of you podcast lovers out there like myself, you’ve got to listen to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons. The author of Eat, Pray, Love is the host of this podcast series, where she helps aspiring artists all over the world who are struggling creatively.

Every episode brings a different person who feels stuck. They seek Gilbert’s guidance and she talks them through their issue. She encourages her guests to face their fears, conquer their doubts, and get their project out there, whatever it may be. She shares her gentle wisdom, expertise on the writing world, and beliefs on living boldly, and brings in her friends to help the individuals as well. Special guests have included Humans of New York founder Brandon Stanton, comedian Michael Ian Black, author and life coach Martha Beck, and one of my favorite people at the moment, Glennon Doyle Melton.

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Meaning in Motion

When you’re crossing European country borders on buses, it means extremely. long. rides.

It also means a lot of reading, which I’m more than okay with. I use my iPad for books; although Rachel and I keep saying how much we miss holding physical books, the iPad is so convenient because it’s light, small and thin, and holds all of the books I buy. You can even just download a “sample” – about 40 pages of a book for free – so that by the end of the sample you can decide if you like it enough to buy it.

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Signs Signs, Everywhere a Sign

I love a good sign. Ask anyone who knows me. I’m someone who firmly believes that nothing “just happens.” Everything leads to something else; nothing is just random.

I absolutely believe when following and achieving dreams and goals, hard work is vital. But the universe steps in, often when you least expect it.

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Must Listen: “The Adventure of Curiosity”

Must Listen: “The Adventure of Curiosity”

I’m prepping for a big trip this coming summer.

On June 7th, one of my best friends/travel partner forever Rachel and I will be leaving for a world trip! First stop: DUBLIN, a city I have loved for a long time.

We are beyond excited to be making one of our biggest dreams come true. We both feel so thankful to have received such support and enthusiasm from our family, friends and colleagues. Despite how tough it is to leave everything familiar behind, we’ve known since studying abroad together in college that long-term travel is something we feel called to do.

Part of the research I’ve been doing for this trip has been listening to and taking notes on travel podcasts. Recently, I decided to search for podcasts on one of my role models Jedidiah Jenkins (who I’ve written about before). To me, Jenkins is the perfect intersection of traveling and writing, from his adventurous bike trip to Patagonia to his uplifting and eloquent Instagram posts.

Not only did I find an amazing podcast episode of Jenkins sharing travel advice,  I also was lucky enough to discover Branden Harvey.

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