Seeking Novelty

I’ve been home from my 6 month backpacking trip now for almost two whole months, and as calming as it is being home, I miss being on the road.

When you’re traveling, you’re seeing something new every single day. Even seemingly normal activities – taking a walk, grabbing a coffee, going out to eat – are charged with newness and excitement.

Taking a walk in Rome turns into a museum tour, stumbling upon ancient monuments everywhere you turn.

Grabbing a coffee in Ireland is less for the caffeine intake and more for the warmth to escape June’s freezing temperatures, stripping your soaked-through rain jacket as you order.

Going out to eat in Thailand means holding your nose and popping a cooked centipede into your mouth from the night market, on a dare.

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Actors & Authors


A couple weeks ago, my company provided me with the awesome opportunity to attend a private screening of the film Time Out of Mind (photo to the right is a still from the movie), along with a panel discussing the film and its central theme, homelessness. One of the four panelists was actually the movie’s star: Richard Gere. I brought my mom along, since she’s obsessed with him.

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Rooftops, Ravens & Reading Glasses

I take where I live for granted.

I think a lot of us do in some way. It is so easy to stay in a routine: come home from work, hang out in your apartment, cook (or let’s be real ordering out and/or utilizing a microwave in my case) dinner, maybe go for a quick workout, read a good book, go to bed. Repeat. And there’s nothing wrong with that; it’s a perfectly nice way to live.

But there’s so much to DO when you live in a city – anywhere, really, if you just take the time to look. So much at your fingertips. It’s the best feeling. And one that’s even better when you have a friend who feels the same exact way.

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Travel & Adventure in Philadelphia

Hello readers – if I even have any left after this casual 5 month gap in my blogging…..Whoops. 2015 has been a busy year so far for me, but definitely not complaining! I’ve been on a couple cool trips already to places I’ve never been, most notably Chicago, a city that was on my bucket list and am looking forward to summer and more travels/WARM WEATHER, finally.

But until my next trip, I have to take what I can get locally – and thankfully my city is making it easy for me. This past March, Philly hosted for the first time the Travel & Adventure Show in its Convention Center, a popular venue for events of this nature. This Travel & Adventure Show has been going on since 2004 , its mission to not only expose attendees to awesome places around the world to visit, but to also help people plan trips right there while at the expo if they want.


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Liebster Nomination: Q&A

Thank you very much to Green Goats Travel (Laura) for nominating me for the Liebster Award! Like Laura, I did not know what this was until I was nominated and did a little research. It’s basically a chain-mail activity to get bloggers engaged with one another and talking. Check out my answers to the questions I was asked.

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