Signs Signs, Everywhere a Sign

I love a good sign. Ask anyone who knows me. I’m someone who firmly believes that nothing “just happens.” Everything leads to something else; nothing is just random.

I absolutely believe when following and achieving dreams and goals, hard work is vital. But the universe steps in, often when you least expect it.

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Braving Those Long Travel Days

Braving Those Long Travel Days

Rach and and I have been saying this whole time we have loved the city centers we’ve stayed in through Dublin, Cork and Limerick, but we really want a taste of staying in “classic Ireland,” aka greenery and hills for miles. We got a coastal, oceanside feel for a couple days in Salthill, Galway which was amazing, but even that was still a city feel.

Spoiler alert: we have REALLY gotten what we wished for here in Donegal. We took a bus from Galway to Donegal city center, then transferred busses in the city center to get to our bed & breakfast in what’s called the Slieve League Peninsula. As our second bus of the day began to climb slightly vertically through fog, valleys, and very jagged slopes, I knew this was about to be the real Ireland deal. I think Rachel said it best when she was looking out her window, slowly turned to me and said “Oh my god. We’re…out here.”

Way out.

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I’m about one hour from leaving for the airport to meet Rachel before our flight tonight to officially begin our WORLD TRIP! …..And I’m obviously still kindof packing. At this point I don’t think my last-minute nature will truly ever change.

Amidst all the chaos right now, I wanted to announce that our website we created to document our experiences while on this journey is finally LIVE at!

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 12.12.42 PM

Check it out, and follow along with our adventure! I’ll also be posting entries here and there on this site as well.

Thanks so much again to all friends and family for their support, help, advice and optimism during the planning process of this huge trip. We are so excited we can barely take it!

Now, back to questioning how security is possibly going to let me through with this massive backpack.

Must Listen: “The Adventure of Curiosity”

Must Listen: “The Adventure of Curiosity”

I’m prepping for a big trip this coming summer.

On June 7th, one of my best friends/travel partner forever Rachel and I will be leaving for a world trip! First stop: DUBLIN, a city I have loved for a long time.

We are beyond excited to be making one of our biggest dreams come true. We both feel so thankful to have received such support and enthusiasm from our family, friends and colleagues. Despite how tough it is to leave everything familiar behind, we’ve known since studying abroad together in college that long-term travel is something we feel called to do.

Part of the research I’ve been doing for this trip has been listening to and taking notes on travel podcasts. Recently, I decided to search for podcasts on one of my role models Jedidiah Jenkins (who I’ve written about before). To me, Jenkins is the perfect intersection of traveling and writing, from his adventurous bike trip to Patagonia to his uplifting and eloquent Instagram posts.

Not only did I find an amazing podcast episode of Jenkins sharing travel advice,  I also was lucky enough to discover Branden Harvey.

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My fear of not flying

My fear of not flying

Things are stronger and brighter and I feel on the edge of something inexpressible. Coded messages in the in-flight magazines. Energy Shield. Uncompromising Care. Electricity, colors, radiance. Everything is a signpost pointing to something else…White noise, impersonal roar. Deadening incandescence of the boarding terminals. But even these soul-free, sealed-off places are drenched with meaning, spangled and thundering with it.

Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch

To me, planes are magic.

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#TravelTuesday: Rainy Day Tea

#TravelTuesday: Rainy Day Tea

Everyone is so busy.

Living in a city, I’m used to seeing people rushing around. I’m often one of them.

We’re all on our phones, sometimes not even looking up to cross the street. We’re more concentrated on the text we’re about to send or the Instagram we’re about to like than our surroundings.

I feel like I’ve been going about my days lately on autopilot. On my phone too much, too plugged in, overstimulated and distracted.

I think some of it has to do with the upcoming holidays. I truly love the holidays, but they bring occasional stress. Busy last minute projects at work before we are off. Christmas shopping for family and friends, trying to find that perfect gift. And it just so happens my lease is up on my apartment at the end of this December. A big change – one that I can’t help but have on my mind.

My escape from my chaotic brain lately? Daydreaming, obviously. Specifically Ireland daydreaming.

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Actors & Authors


A couple weeks ago, my company provided me with the awesome opportunity to attend a private screening of the film Time Out of Mind (photo to the right is a still from the movie), along with a panel discussing the film and its central theme, homelessness. One of the four panelists was actually the movie’s star: Richard Gere. I brought my mom along, since she’s obsessed with him.

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